Sell my property at the best market price

Depositing pays off

Homeowners should make sure that their condominium sets up a renewal fund — and also fills it sufficiently. Otherwise the value of the condominium could decrease if you want to sell it one day.

Do you have the right home for your golden years?

Many seniors find it difficult to move. This can cause complications in your golden years because an age-appropriate place of residence is a prerequisite for having a self-determined and independent lifestyle. Digital tools can also help.

Renewable energy: not only good for the climate

Renewable energies not only protect the environment but also the wallet. We present some of the best methods of how you can use environmentally friendly energies for your electricity and heating needs.

Everything has a breaking point

Without a well-planned budget for the maintenance of a property, the owner risks unnecessarily high renovation costs — and a potential loss in value of the property. Thus, the life cycle costs should be considered.

Renovating to maximise tax advantages

If the Economic Commission of the Council of States has its way, the imputed rental value will soon be history. This also means that there are no attractive tax deduction options for maintenance work. Property owners should therefore plan renovations in good time.

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